About me - Eden Graphics Inc.
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I’m a creative spirit who loves putting ‘design puzzles’ together… messing about with color, fonts, light, layout, shapes, photos and illustrations to capture just the right mood for your project. While I love working with authors and have been focused on book design since 2007, I continue to work on a wide variety of design projects.

I enjoyed a few years as the in-house designer for a couple of different travel agencies (so much fun designing for exotic places around the world — and the travel benefits weren’t bad either!) and then as the main designer for a non-profit children’s organization, and a #1 New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur.

I’ve always hustled a bit of freelance jobs on the side, but my full-time gig with Eden Graphics was hatched in January 2008.

I’d love to discuss your project and get a few details so I can provide you with a quote. Send me a message, or feel free to call or text, and I’ll get back to you. Let’s connect!

– Fran